Marriott Tampa Waterside

Tampa, FL

July 24-26, 2017

Learning Conference 2017: Embracing Distruption

How has leadership, strategy, managing employees, culture and customer relationships changed in The Connected Age? How can we utilize knowledge and connectivity to create and manage information and relationships? Join us at Learning Conference 2017 to Embrace Disruption in the areas of culture, employee development, strategic thinking, leadership and connectivity.

Stay dialed into industry changes, generational differences, new digital tools, technology and problem-solving approaches. We bring you integrated skill building at Learning Conference 2017.

“What every leader needs to know to stay ahead”.

The 2017 Learning Conference is developed by a steering committee of your peers, thoughtfully and deliberately planned to be a unique and content-rich program for professional and personal development.

The Learning Conference is specifically designed for the development of teams and individuals.

We welcome the following areas of focus, positions and employees:

  • New to Farm Credit
  • Young Professionals
  • Credit and Risk Managers/Officers
  • Marketing, Sales and Communications
  • Senior Executives and Leadership Teams
  • Relationship Managers and Branch Managers
  • Human Resources, Organizational Development and Training
  • Operations, Project Managers and Technical Staff

2017 Conferences: The Connected Age

We have shifted from traditional industry and human interaction to an economy and society based on digital connectivity, and technological interaction. How does human connectivity fit into this new environment? Human interaction meets digital disruption at the 2017 FCC Services Conferences.

What is our relevance in this time of technology interruption and digital disruption? What is the right blend of human interaction and technology? How does this affect our employees, borrowers, customers, directors? How does this increase our risk?

Join us for a 2017 conference. We will discuss business strategies, leadership methodologies, risk mitigation, governance, tactics for growth AND relevant skills needed in The Connected Age.

It’s a lot to cover, which is why the theme will flow through all of our 2017 Conferences.